Lake Nona Pediatric Dentist

At All Smiles Big and Small, we understand that you care about the oral health of your children and want to provide them with the best dentistry service. Dr. Gabriel Sangalang and Dr. Patricia Villalta have special training in pediatric dentistry and enjoy working with our pediatric patients. We’re here to help ensure that your kids get off to the best possible start in life with their oral health. This starts before the first tooth erupts.

The Importance of Choosing a Pediatric Dentist

Dentists with special pediatric training understand the oral health issues specific to children. This puts them in an excellent position to advise you on the best way to care for your child and to teach him or her self-care as well. Pediatric dentists also approach children differently than adults to gain their trust and cooperation. You can depend on Dr. Sangalang and Dr. Villalta to treat each of your children at an age-appropriate level and with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Training and Duties of a Pediatric Dentist

Working as a pediatric dentist requires the completion of four years of dental school and then a two-year residency that trains future dentists to work with children from infancy to late adolescence. They also learn how to serve children with a variety of special needs. Some of the specific duties of a pediatric dentist include:

  • Preventive exams including cleaning and fluoride treatments
  • Infant oral health exams
  • Diet and oral health recommendations
  • Counseling regarding oral habits such as thumb sucking and pacifier use
  • Restorative care for dental injuries
  • Fill cavities

Care of the Primary Teeth is Essential

Some parents make the mistake of assuming that it doesn’t matter how well they care for their child’s baby teeth because they fall out eventually anyway. However, the first set of teeth serves as important placeholders for the teeth your child will have for the rest of his or her life. Instilling good oral hygiene habits in your child now is the best way to ensure healthy teeth in adulthood.

How to Make Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

Our entire staff loves to work with kids of all ages. We recommend scheduling the first dental appointment for your child around the time of the first birthday. While your son or daughter won’t have a lot of teeth yet, this gives us the chance to ensure proper development and for you to ask questions about oral healthcare. Whether you’re new to the area, a regular patient, or just want to find a different pediatric dentist, please contact All Smiles Big and Small to request an appointment.