Lake Nona Orthodontist

Dr. Gabriel Sangalang or Dr. Patricia Villalta, the dentists at All Smiles Big and Small, may recommend orthodontic treatment for teeth that are crooked or not in alignment. Regardless of the type of braces you choose for treatment, the goal is to move your teeth into the correct position by applying continuous pressure.

The desire to improve the appearance of the smile is a common reason for patients to seek orthodontic treatment. It’s also important to understand that proper tooth alignment is essential to ensure good oral health over your lifetime as well. It’s challenging to brush and floss teeth properly when they’re crowded or crooked, which greatly increases the likelihood of gum disease.

Although Dr. Sangalang and Dr. Villalta feel that the ideal time for braces is between 10 and 14 years old, it’s never too late to get them. It may be necessary to extract one or more teeth to give the remaining teeth more room to shift into position no matter what age you or your child get braces.

Orthodontic Treatment with Metal Braces

Metal and wire has been the standard look of braces for many decades. Commonly associated with teenagers and occasionally with adults, the typical method of straightening the teeth is still effective. When receiving traditional metal braces, your dentist adheres a separate bracket to each tooth and then connects them with a thin wire. Patients with these types of braces typically need to come to our office once per month for an adjustment of the wires and brackets. These adjustments make it possible for the teeth to continually move towards their new position.

Most patients wear these types of braces for 18 to 24 months. You or your child may also need to wear a retainer after the braces come off to ensure that your teeth don’t shift back into their former position. Our dentists like to make the experience as enjoyable as possible by offering different colors for the bands and wires at each monthly appointment.

Straighten Your Teeth with Clear Plastic Aligners

Some patients put off orthodontic treatment because they don’t desire to wear metal braces for two years. This is especially common with adults. We’re happy to let you know about the alternative of wearing clear plastic aligners instead. Your dentist customizes these mouth trays for your top and bottom teeth according to your treatment plan. Approximately once every two weeks, you exchange your aligner for a new one that will put increasing pressure on your teeth.

Clear braces offer many benefits, including the ability to keep your orthodontic treatment discreet. You can also remove the trays to eat and brush your teeth. Another benefit is that the total treatment time tends to be shorter. The staff at All Smiles Big and Small would be happy to answer any additional questions you have about orthodontic treatment.